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Incontinence products
  • Incontinence pants for men - Cool Black
  • Pants for daytime wetting Dino
  • Shorts for bedwetting - Pjama
  • Incontinence boxers for men - Dark Grey
  • Shorts for bedwetting - treatment
  • Pants for daytime wetting - Army
  • Briefs for daytime wetting for girls
  • Girl Briefs for daytime wetting
Pants for daytime wetting

DRY & COOL’s Incontinence pants for daytime wetting can help your child because they can absorb urine, are cool looking and at the same time look like normal underpants.

Read about incontinence pants

Washable incontinence pants for children and adults: carefree living for bladder weakness and urinary incontinence incidents

In the UK alone, there are around 3-6 million people who suffer from some form of incontinence or bladder weaknesses. Often those affected, withdraw themselves from normal life, avoiding contact with friends and family for fear of exposure and possible "accidents" in public. With the help of our incontinence products, this no longer has to be the case. Incontinence products are now more readily available than ever before, being both discreet and reliable, that can make living with incontinence easier.

Incontinence can affect anyone

Many people assume that only the elderly suffer from incontinence, but this is not the case. Even if the majority of incontinence patients are in the age group 50+, there are also many young people who suffer from bladder weakness or another form of urinary incontinence, such as urge incontinence or stress incontinence.

In the past, incontinence was not only a taboo subject; the choice of incontinence products was also extremely limited. Often incontinence patients were offered disposable pants or bulky pads that were noticeable through clothing. Nowadays, the amount of different incontinence options is much larger, as well as more stylish and more accessible. It is now possible to purchase incontinence products online; no longer having to go to a pharmacy or a specialised shop - everything is more convenient and discreet and can be delivered in a matter of days. DRY & COOL specialises in offering incontinence underwear. Our goal is to help people with incontinence lead a full life again.

Protect your child with the right washable incontinence pants

Incontinence can be difficult to deal with, especially for children. Children up to the age of six often experience minor accidents, both during the day and at night. If your child suffers from incontinence, they may be exposed to either bullying at school, avoiding activities with other children, or dreaded accidents on school trips and the like. With the help of the various machine-washable incontinence pants from DRY & COOL, you can help your child lead a carefree life, despite the incontinence inconveniences.

Child incontinence rarely has a psychological cause. Many children suffer from it purely for physical reasons. This could be a hormonal disorder or an overactive or weak bladder. No matter whether the amount is a lot or not, children who suffer from a bladder weakness, should be supported by incontinence products, like our machine-washable incontinence pants. The doctor can usually diagnose the causes of incontinence in children and adolescents quite quickly, in addition to providing information and helping with treatment.

Our boy's range comes in a variety of bright patterns; dinosaurs to airplanes, in fun shades like blue and green. They can absorb up to 125ml of urine and don’t make it noticeable if some urine accidentally leaks.

Our girl’s range comes in a variety of trendy patterns and colours, where small moisture stains won't be noticed. The briefs can absorb one or two minor accidents and are easy to machine-wash at up to 60 degrees. They are available for little girls aged 5-6 years and older girls, 110-116cm and 170-176cm tall, the latter being similar to the heights of 15-16 year old girls.

With the help of the available incontinence pants at DRY & COOL, you can help your child lead a carefree childhood, despite incontinence issues.

Incontinence briefs for women that are discreet and fashionable

The largest proportion of incontinence patients tend to be women. These are mainly women who gave birth naturally, where the muscles in the pelvic floor have weakened, leading to incontinence. The changes in hormone levels that occur in women who are going through menopause or those who have already experienced menopause, can also encounter incontinence.

For a long time, incontinent women had to use thick pads or disposable incontinence pants to feel protected when they were out and about. These can be recognisable through clothing and can feel clunky and uncomfortable, especially when wet. Fortunately, thanks to the incontinence briefs that we have designed at DRY & COOL, this no longer is the case. Our very effective incontinence pants are made of absorbent cotton and adapt well to the body, as a result of their high-quality material. They aren’t noticeable, even when wearing tight-fitted clothing.

DRY & COOL's machine-washable incontinence briefs for women are available in sizes 8-20 (EU 36 to 48), come in different patterns and colours and are recommended for light daytime incontinence. If you buy several of our incontinence briefs found on this website, we offer a discount.

Incontinence pants for men are comfortable and highly absorbent

In men, incontinence occurs mainly in the age group 50+. The most common form of incontinence that men suffer from is the so-called, ‘urge' incontinence, which often occurs post-surgery from prostate related surgery. For men, life with incontinence has been tough due to the small amount of male incontinence patients and the therefore small demand for incontinence pants. Nowadays however, it’s no longer necessary for men to insert bulky pads into their underwear; they can feel secure, knowing their small accidents won’t leak through. Our incontinence pants for men look like regular men's underpants and can absorb up to 100ml of urine, this includes possible dripping but also minor accidents.

Pants and treatment for bedwetting

We also have incontinence pants for bedwetting. They can be of great help if the child for example is having a sleepover. The incontinence pants for nighttime can absorb significantly more than the pants for daytime. Using the underpants also protects the mattress. Depending on the size, they can absorb between approx. 350 - 600 ml. The incontinence pants are nice to wear and can be worn by girls and boys. They are available for children aged 5 - 13 years. They can be washed at 60 degrees. The grey shorts can also be used for treatment when combined with the Pjama alarm. Sensors are sewn into these shorts, which register urine and which can then alert the child and the parents, so that the child gradually gets used to not peeing in bed.

To protect the mattress, an incontinence bed protector can also be placed on the mattress. This is extremely absorbent and can protect the mattress and bedding even if your child does not wake up from having gone to bed. The bed protection is of course also suitable as a mat for adults who suffer from nocturnal incontinence.

The incontinence products are easy to purchase from our online shop

In our online shop you will find all the products and aids that you need to lead a carefree life despite incontinence. All purchases completed before 3 p.m. will be shipped the same day. As a rule, our delivery time is 2 to 4 days. Please also note that we offer a quantity discount on a number of items. With incontinence underwear, for example, you can save up to 10%.

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