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Washable incontinence pants

They can be washed to up to 60 degrees and can be washed multiple times. They will only shrink max 5%. We recommend that you do not tumble dry the incontinence underpants, so that they keep their shape and stay looking nice for longer. Before using the underpants, they must be washed to optimize suction.

For daytime usage

Do you or your child have problems with retaining urine during the daytime? With a pair of washable incontinence pants you can avoid visible wet pants and they are especially suited for daytime use. The pants look like normal underpants but can absorb a small accident or two, so a mishap can be kept hidden. We have products for both Children, men and women. For the boys we have them in 2 levels of absorption. In order to help the child remember to go to the toilet, one can successfully give the child a vibration watch on the arm that can remind the child of toilet times. We have smart and easy-to-use watches for this purpose, which of course can also show the clock and date.

Incontinence underwear

It is often a challenge to find incontinence underwear that looks cool and at the same time absorb accidents. We have tried to make our incontinence underwear as absorptive as possible, without making them feel uncomfortable and awkward. They also feel nice to wear and are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The absorbing layer is breathable and anti-bacterial.

Pants for daytime wetting
DRY & COOL’s Incontinence pants for daytime wetting can help your child because they can absorb urine, are cool looking and at the same time look like normal underpants.
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What our customers are saying
When I got my first incontinence shorts through DRY & COOL it was as if I became more relieved and they help me get through my every day life.
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