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How much can the underpants absorb?
The incontinence underpants can absorb a small accident or two and can absorb approx. 75 – 80 ml of liquid. The boys model Planes can absorb approx. 125 ml.

Are the underpants washable?
Yes, you can machine wash the underpants at 60 degrees Celcius. They will shrink up to a maximum of 5% and they can be tumble dried, although will keep the shape for longer if not.

What are the underpants made of?
The incontinence underpants are made of 92% cotton and 8% elastin. The absorbing part of the pants is made of 100% cotton. They do not contain any harmful substances and are certified with Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Class 1. The absorbing layer is anti-bacterial and breathable.

How are the underpants delivered?
We will do our best to dispatch the items within 24 hours of receiving your order. The goods are delivered by PostNord as a letter, so you do not need to collect from the Post Office.

Delivery to an address in UK takes 2 -4 business days. Timely delivery to you requires timely delivery by UPS.

Can I return the underpants?
Yes, you can return the items within 30 days of delivery date, if they are in the same condition as you received them, - that is unused and not washed. The items must be returned in proper packaging. We do not pay for the return delivery. Please return to: DRY & COOL, c/o Textile Logistics, Fabriksvej 20, 7441 Bording, Denmark.
If you would like another size or design, the easiest way is to order the pair you want from our website so you instantly know if it is in stock.

What are the prizes for delivery?
To UK the prize is 9 GBP.

How can I pay?
You can pay with:
- VISA and MasterCard
- Apple-Pay
- Google-Pay

How many children have problems staying dry during the day?
Approx. 10% of children in the age of 6 -7 2 have problems staying dry in daytime

What is the definition of urine incontinence in children?
The definition of urine incontinence for a child older than five years of age is a leak of at least 1 ml of urine at least once a week.

Why does my child have problems staying dry during the day?
Your child’s problems staying dry during the day can be down to a lot of reasons. Contrary to previous opinions, it is rarely due to psychological problems. It may be due to constipation, urine infection or an overactive bladder. Some children also have the problems due to laughing. Finally the problems can also just occur when your child is pre-occupied with an activity.

How can I help my child staying dry during the day?
Fortunately there are many things you can do to help your child staying dry during the day. Read all the good advices and get relevant links here – Children and incontinence.

What is a typical treatment process for my child?
During a period of three consecutive days you will have to fill in a liquid and urination form, so the amount your child drinks and urinates can be measured. After that, the bladder will be scanned and it’s level of function will be tested to see if it empties properly. Finally the urine is examined for sugar and bacteria. Read more under Children and incontinence.

Where can I get help and advice about children and incontinence?
There are a lot of relevant websites about the topic as well as telephone counseling services. Read more under Children and incontinence.

Why should I buy cool looking incontinence underpants?
You should do that if you have a child who now and then has a problem staying dry during the day and who shouldn’t have to spend time worrying about hiding the problem but rather focus on having fun. You help your child live a better and happier life with less worries.