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About DRY & COOL

DRY & COOL sells incontinence underpants to children and adults suitable for light daytime wetting. They look like normal underpants and can be washed again and again. They can absorb a small accident or 2, approx. 75-10 ml.

DRY & COOL started in 2014 with the aim of helping girls and boys who have problems staying dry during the day.

The incontinence underpants have been developed because I was unable to find any cool looking incontinence boxers for my son, who at the age of 7 often had wet pants when I picked him up from school. Unfortunately, more often than not he would also have wet trousers.

The incontinence boxers I managed to find on the net were not the kind my son was prepared to wear: They were too big and bulky and looked very different from the ones he would normally wear.

Sometimes he had not noticed that he had wet his pants and other times he was aware of it but would come up with all sorts of ways of disguising it. He would spend time laying on his front pretending to be a referee during football matches, keep his snowsuit on indoors or tie his jumper around his waist the wrong way, etc.

In the process of developing incontinence hipsters for girls and boxers for boys, I have talked to many parents with children who accidentally wet their pants and I hope our underpants can help these children have happier and more confident lives.

Of course, it is important to find out why your child has these little accidents, so you have the best possible chance to resolve the problem. Read more about children and incontinence here.

Little accidents become less of a problem for your child with incontinence underpants

Our incontinence underpants are developed to help girls and boys avoid becoming objects of ridicule and teasing. So if your son or daughter wets his or her pants, our specially designed incontinence underpants can ensure that the accident remains unnoticed and your child can spend their time and energy having fun, rather than worrying about how to hide the problem.

How did the incontinence underpants come about?

DRY & COOL’s incontinence underpants have been designed in cooperation with designer Irene Olesen and are exclusively produced for us in Poland. The focus has been on high absorbency, good fitting and cool design. To find the correct fit and to get the right balance between absorbency and cool design, the pants have been thoroughly tried and tested by our own children. As the emphasis has been on designing pants that can deal with relatively small accidents without any visible signs to others, they are only able to absorb a modest amount of urine, approx. 75 -100 ml for a young child and not a full day’s worth! Read more about our incontinence pants here.

The development of these products is ongoing, so we welcome any feedback and thoughts you may have.

We hope you will help us spread the good news. Many thanks.

Mette Højlund

VAT reg. no.: 369 9426 37
BANK: Nordea 2107 0727 127 895
Incontinence boxers for boys

Incontinence boxers for boys

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