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Incontinence pants for children

DRY & COOL's incontinence pants for children for daytime wetting are cool looking and washable and are developed with the purpose of helping the school child to use energy on education and activities and not on how he/she avoids teasing and ridicule due to visibly wet pants. Incontinence pants for children can absorb urin, they are cool looking, neat and just like any other kind of pants. They can therefore be a great help to increase your child’s quality of life whilst you work out how to solve the problem. These pants are specifically tailored for light urinary incontinence. Read more about children and incontinence here. The pants are not suitable for fecal incontinence (bowel). The incontinence pants are designed in Denmark and produced in Poland.  


With an impressive absorbency rate of approximately 75 - 80 ml, depending on the model (80 ml for boys, 75 ml for girls), these incontinence pants are designed to handle one or two small accidents with ease. We have tried to give the underwear as high an absorbency as possible without making them look big and like nappies. The incontinence pants (incontinence pads) are made with a certain textile that let the urine stay in the pants and thereby seldom become visible.  

Fitting and design

The briefs have a perfect fit and we have tried them out on our own children in the developmental process. The design is contemporary and modern and look like the underpants your child would normally wear. We have chosen colours which in a wet or dry state are almost the same. For instance we have no red incontinence underpants in our collection because it is very visible if a red garment gets wet. Also there are no plain coloured underpants in the collection. The pants are made for light incontinence, they are no bigger than normal pants and your daughter or son will not need to worry about friends making nasty comments about wearing nappies etc! Because they are not! They are just having a little invisible help! The incontinence underwear for children are produced in 7 sizes for boys and 6 sizes for girls in the age 5 – 16 years. The size guide will help you choose the right size.  

Choice of size - incontinence underpants 

We have an Indicative size guide that you can see on the products pages for incontinence underpants for children.  

The best way to find the right size is to measure an existing pair of underpants at the elastic band. You can place the pants on a table and measure from one side to the other and then mutiply with 2. Then you get the circumference of the elastic band. Use that together with height and age of the child.

E.g. size 7-8 years (122-128 cm) has a circumference of the elastic band at 50 cm for girls and 51 cm for boys.

The elastic band shrinks aproximately 0,5 cm.


The briefs for incontinence are made from 92% cotton and 8% elastane. The absorbing part of them is made from 100% cotton. They do not contain any harmful substances and are certified with Oeko-Tex 100 Standard Class 1. The absorbing layer is anti-bacterial and breathable.  

Washing instructions

For maintenance, the underpants are designed to withstand machine washing at 60 degrees Celsius, with a maximum shrinkage of 5%. To preserve the vibrant colors and shape, a neutral detergent is recommended, and while tumble drying is an option, air drying will extend the garment's life.    

When should you choose incontinence pants to your child from DRY & COOL?

When your child has issues during the day with light urinary incontinence. Our underpants will help your child to use energy on activities and not on how he/she avoids teasing and ridicule due to visibly wet pants.    

Explore our website to learn more about managing childhood incontinence with dignity and to discover the full range of DRY & COOL's innovative incontinence pants for children.