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Washable incontinence pants for men and women – for a completely normal, untroubled life despite incontinence

Incontinence pants are no longer unsightly and bulky. With new models and reliable absorbency, it is possible for many people suffering from bladder weakness to lead a normal life again.

Incontinence is often hushed up in our society. Only a few people are aware that incontinence is a frequently occurring condition that not only affects the elderly, but also men and women of all ages, as well as children.

Often, people with bladder or faecal incontinence withdraw from social life and avoid activities or events where they run the risk of „accidents“. Furthermore, many sufferers believe that the only incontinence materials are diapers or bulky inserts for briefs and underwear that can be seen through clothing. This also contributes to the fact that incontinence patients no longer mingle with other people.

Urinary incontinence can have various causes, and in some cases, it can be alleviated or even cured through medical treatment or even by pure training of the pelvic floor muscles. 

However, there are a number of incontinence products that make life with bladder weakness much easier. 

  • Incontinence pants for men - Cool Black
    • 123,00GBP
  • Incontinence boxers for men - Dark Grey
    • 123,00GBP
  • White incontinence underpants
    • 123,00GBP
  • Incontinence briefs for woman
    • 123,00GBP
  • Incontinence briefs for women
    • 123,00GBP
  • Pants for daytime wetting - Army
    • 120,99GBP
  • Incontinence pants for boys - Grey Stars
    • 120,99GBP
  • Incontinence pants for boys - Dry black
    • 121,99GBP
  • Incontinence briefs for girls - hearts
    • 120,99GBP
  • Girl Briefs for daytime wetting
    • 120,99GBP

Discreet, washable incontinence underpants that provide reliable protection

Fortunately, the days when you had to wear plus-size pants to prevent your incontinence underwear from showing are over. Our washable incontinence pants for women and men are reliable aids when you are out and about and fear that you will not be able to go to the toilet in time or control your bladder. They are made of cotton and do not produce any unpleasant noises, such as the crackling produced by incontinence pants with a plastic or PVC content.

Discreet and inconspicuous incontinence underwear for men

Even if incontinence is statistically more likely to occur in women, urge incontinence and overflow incontinence also occur in men, increasingly in the age group over 50 years. Since the market for incontinence materials is very oriented towards the female patient group, it may seem more difficult to find washable incontinence pants for men that are not only comfortable to wear but also provide reliable protection in case of minor accidents.

Our washable incontinence boxer shorts are available in sizes S, M, L, XL up to 4-XL, they are made of comfortable cotton and yet have the ability to absorb up to 100 ml of liquid. They are machine-washable at up to 60 degrees, have a comfortable fit and a chic design in dark colours where moisture stains are less noticeable.

Please order today your washable incontinence pants for men discreetly in our online shop, at prices starting at EUR 22.50 including VAT – we deliver conveniently to your home address within 2-4 days.

Women’s incontinence underwear that will not let you down

Statistical data show that more women suffer from incontinence than men. They mainly suffer from the so-called stress incontinence, which is often due to weak pelvic floor muscles..

It is often stressful to wear underpants for incontinence pads as they become clunky and uncomfortable when saturated with fluid. With our washable incontinence briefs this is a problem of the past. You no longer need any additional aids such as pads as these washable incontinence pants are made of high-quality material that can absorb small amounts of leakage. A comfortable elastic waistband ensures a good support and can be worn undetected under clothing.

As with the washable incontinence boxer shorts for men, the care of washable incontinence underwear for women is exceptionally easy. Wash the incontinence pants with a mild detergent at up to 60 degrees in the washing machine. It is best to hang the washable incontinence underwear to dry and avoid tumble-drying in order to protect the material.
The washable incontinence pants for women are available in sizes S (36), M (38), L (40), XL (42) up to size 48. Please order your washable incontinence underwear in our online shop at prices starting at EUR 23 GBP including VAT. When ordering several washable incontinence pants, you will receive a quantity discount of up to 10%.

If you want to find out more about Dry & Cool, then read on here.

Frequently asked questions about washable incontinence pants

What are incontinence pants?

Incontinence pants are special underpants or briefs that can absorb or hold a certain amount of urine in the event of a leakage. They are available in a wide variety of designs – from disposable pants to washable incontinence briefs

How to use washable incontinence pants?

The washable incontinence pants are very easy to use. Just wear them under your clothes instead of regular underwear. Our washable incontinence pants are made of comfortable material that can be worn undetected under your clothing and safely absorb small amounts of liquid. If you notice that some urine has accidentally leaked, you can change your incontinence pants. When you are out and about it is advisable to have a pair of spare pants with you so that you do not have to restrict yourself.

Are disposable incontinence pants better than washable incontinence pants?

Various aspects speak against disposable incontinence pants. They are often more conspicuous than washable incontinence pants as they are made of synthetic material that swells when wet. Pants made from a paper-like material, in particular, can also make revealing noises when you move. Disposable incontinence pants are generally pricy, and even if the washable incontinence pants are more expensive initially, it will pay off after a few times. It is also a great contribution to the environment to stay away from disposable products.

In which sizes are washable incontinence pants available?

We carry washable incontinence pants for men in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL und XXXXL – so we also carry larger sizes. The men’s size S is well suited for bigger or older children as well.

Our washable incontinence underwear for women is available in sizes 36-48, i.e. in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Are there washable incontinence pants for children too?

Incontinence can also occur in children and, of course, our washable incontinence underwear is available in children’s sizes as well. We have stylish incontinence pants for children that easily absorb one or two minor accidents. In our product range you will also find night shorts to protect mattresses and bed linen in case of bedwetting.

What material are the washable incontinence pants made of?

Our washable incontinence pants are made of high-quality cotton and a small amount of elastane. They ensure a comfortable fit. An absorbent pad made of cotton provides extra absorbency.

Many incontinence pants are made of rubber, PVC or even plastic. While these materials are effective to some extent when it comes to retain fluids, they can be very unpleasant to the skin. They are not breathable and can cause skin irritation. We prefer natural materials for our products that are still reliable.

Are incontinence pants washable?

It is very easy to take care of our washable incontinence underwear. We recommend using a mild and neutral detergent. For the best result, wash the pants at up to 60 degrees. Our washable incontinence pants can also be tumble-dried, but we recommend air drying as this will extend their lifespan.

Can you wear the washable incontinence pants at night?

Our washable incontinence pants for women and men are designed for light incontinence during the day. Night-time incontinence is most common in children, but sometimes it can also be a problem for adults. The washable incontinence pants can absorb small amounts of liquid, also at night, but we recommend using additional auxiliary materials for the night-time incontinence to protect mattresses and bed linen.