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Vibrating watch Blue

Vibrating watch Blue
  • Up to 8 daily alarms
  • The bracelet vibrates on the arm
  • Is comfortable to wear
  • Looks very cool
  • Can also display the time and date
  • The alarm clock is CE certified
  • English quick guide included
  • 1Pcs38,99GBP
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A vibration watch is a great help for children who need to be reminded of going to the toilet. You can set the alarm clock to vibrate up to 8 specific times of the day, eg 2-3. hour in the child's school day. At the chosen times, the alarm clock vibrates on the child's arm and reminds it about toilet-times. Thus, the vibration timer can help the child in a nice way to avoid / minimize accidents. The reminder is discreet so others do not notice it.

The vibration watch looks like a smart digital watch / bracelet or digital pedometer and will in no way attract negative attention. On the contrary, it's quite cool and have the function that it can vibrate at certain times. The alarm clock has a traditional closing mechanism. It also means that the child does not grow from the clock. Children will need to have the strap attached to the inner hole and on most children's hand the watch will not sit tight. Suitable for wrists on 8-year-old girl (14 cm wrist). the inner perimeter of the strap when the strap is closed is 13,2 cm. Finally, it is much easier to set than many alarms on the market.

The vibration watch is charged in one hour via the small USB cable that comes with. Standby time is approx. 4 days after a full charge. The watch is NOT suitable for getting into the water. The alarm clock is CE certified, which means that it meets EU standards and thus protects the consumer from products that can be dangerous or harmful. There is a 1 year warranty.

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