What our customers are saying about DRY & COOL pants

May 2020 - ROBYN
"Would like to take the opportunity to tell you we are very happy with your product. I think I've tried every available brand for my 9 year old son who has autism and many daytime accidents, and yours is by far the most comfortable.”


December 2019 - GABRIELA D.:
"High quality with very good results. The underwear works very good. It avoids that the pants get wet. I would highly recommend it, for us was the solution of a big problem. The material is also very fine and easy to wash.”

March 2018 - HELEN:
Very good item. Saves a little boy a lot of embarrassment.”

Febr. 2018 - FELICITY:

“Excellent product washes well lasts well does the job! Costly though worth it!”

June 2017 - ROSANE K.:
“Excellent product”

Comments on Facebook:
”Fantastic product”

“It's the best thing to buy for your child with those problems! They sit well they can be washed over and over and no one can see or smell the mishaps that are coming. They are indispensable. Great praise from here."

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