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Cool vibrating watches

A vibration watch is a great help for children who need to be reminded of going to the toilet. You can set the alarm clock to vibrate at 8 specific times of the day, eg. 2-3. hour in the child's school day. At the chosen times, the reminder vibrates on the child's arm.

Thus, the vibration signal can help the child in a nice way to avoid / minimize accidents. The reminder is descreet, so others do not notice it.

The alarm watch can also be used for a variety of other purposes: For example. to remind one of taking pills / medicine at certain times.
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Vibrating watches for incontinent children

The vibrating watch looks like a smart digital watch and will not give negative attention. On the contrary, it's quite cool to wear and have the function that it can vibrate at certain times. There is no need to worry whether the watch fits the child's arm, as the right size is simply adjusted to the alarm clock itself, which also has an easy closing mechanism. It also means that the child does not grow from the clock. Finally, it is much easier to set than many alarms on the market.

Vibrating watches for other purposes

A discreet little reminder may be relevant in many situations. In addition to remembering toilet times, the watch can also help remember to take pills and medicine or to remember to take breaks, for example if you have a concussion. Finally, the watch can also be used to remind children to go home from school at certain times, remember their leisure activities or the like. The clock is always on, unlike a mobile phone.
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